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LOL aww man you just want all the popular fish dont you? All of those fish have been put together in tanks before. I dont think you will be able to do it without fish loses. My uncle has kept Oscars and Piranhas but somethign happened where he stopped feeding as regularly as he used to and they turned on each other and the numbers in the tank began to drop.

If they are all the same size and you put those fish in a tank, if the convicts pair up the other fish will either die or the convicts will take most of the territory. But then again if you had a huge tank you might be able to do it.

Matters on the size of the fish as well. Many people say that full grown convicts can be kept with piranhas because of their aggressiveness and speed and of course the tank having lots of hiding places. Im sure if the piranhas were brought up really small with the oscars it might work but then again you never know.

I wouldnt risk it myself but you are the one who makes the final decision. Its possible but not very likely. Good luck with whatever you choose
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