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setup for tanks 30g and under for p's

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Right now I have a 30g tank and I want to get about 5 1" rbp's. I have a power filter (200gph) and a powerhead on it. Will this be enough filtration for it? It's working fine now for my 20 small, hardy fish that are in there (livebarrars and barbs) now, but I heard piranhas are very dirty/wasteful fish.

P.S. I'm going to give those fish to my sister when i move though so I can get some rbp's
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Hope you can provide your Ps with a bigger tank before 4 months. In their juvenile stage, Ps can grow an inch every month (very fast for the first 5 months), and your 30 gal will be too over crowded. Within 2 months, your babies will be fighting for space and territory (if not already) and will result in a loss.
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