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serrasalmus gibbus

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does any one know any thing about serrasalmus gibbus like tank size , full grown size, aggression, tank mate yes or no? and any thing else that would help?
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Gibbus is the old name for Gold spilo if I remember correctly.
Fishman, I know you are correct on this one but I am giving what LFS would sale them as or what the trade has called them, even the wholesalers. Now we all know both can be wrong but as far as RBP would be concern it would be the Gold Spilo. If he tried to explain all this info the the LFS they would just through him out. So for agruement sake its a Gold Spilo. But fishman good job pointing that out. Thats why your the mod of the links and articals forum!

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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