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I was talking to a friend today who was in a local pet store. He noticed a tank that was labled "piranha."
(go figure). he asked what kind of piranha and the guy shrugged his shoulders. My friend said that there was obviously numerous different species in that tank. I am going there tomorrow to see what I see because I would really like some piraya or even some golds. I need to know how you can tell what a red looks like in its younger age. the reason I want to know is because we don't get anything other than reds here and if it's not a red... I want it. I realize that this info is probably somewhere on this site, but I don't have time to look because I have a final in the morning I'm preparing for and also all the pics are of older fish. So humour me with some responses. Once again... what is the defining charcteristic of a young red belly (about 1.5"). Thanks.
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