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i´ve some trouble with my P´s,again. After breeding everythings looked fine,
but at friday i´ve seen white spots on some of them. The white spots are next to the gills
above the eyes and at the tail fin.
Today, unfortunatly the left eye of one is damaged. The first skin at his eye is a whole white bubble.
you can see the red around the the black iris and the black iris itself.
He can also move his eye (the iris), dont know if he can see something.
kapt hook (no white spots) and one other have something that looks like a small vulcano KRATER at the
the gills.
Only one of them shows something like a strange behavior, he has only the white spots.
He is often closed to the surface (always the same place), didn´t moving and looking outside the tank.
Feeding was normal, all of them were hunting and eating. The water-values are OK.

i´ve changed some water 1/6, add some salt, not to much because of my plants.
At Sunday evening i´ve put the ****ing ehsa 2K in my tank. I´m a little bit nervous, but it was the
only thing i had agains most types of fungus/bacteria and will not kill them.

What should I do???

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thx to all
but what is popeye????
i´ve seen this at 23.jan
´ve done a water change
and add some salt
melafix is not available at the german market
i ´ve used the esha 2k
the white bubbled eye is gone, there is only a white spot in his eye left
i will post a pic soon
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