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· joey'd is da man
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I think it all depends on your piranhas, and not tank size or other things, however I do think that size of the fish is an important factor, as I have quite a large severum with my piranhas in a 20 gallon (yes quite a small tank) I only have 2 piranhas, but I also added some zebra danios yesterday, and I havn't seen the piranhas or the severum even take an interest in them.
But My piranhas are not used to eating fish, as I never feed them fish, and never did.
They once ate a pleco I added, but that is all.
I think it is just about how chilled are the piranhas, I guess mine are pretty chilled.

· Captain Britannia
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they do or will eat them especially if the size difference is big they will see them as food
keep cichlids in a cichlid tank and piranhas in a piranha tank best way but if you have to do it take note of what other people will tell you that do keep other fish with p's
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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