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s. rhom?

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just want to se what everyone thinks this is...
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I thought S. Medinai did not have red eyes.

phensway said:
im goin to say it is a medinai, some of them have a black spot behind the gill and a longer body...
My Rhom also has humeral spots that fad and appear from here and there.

|I still think its an Altuvei..
hey frank? This is similiar to that Serrasalmus Altispinnis that we were looking at last month on fishpost possibly. This fish has the forward eye and slightly angeled jaws that i was associating with the S. Rohm (gibbus) morph. The fish we were comparing also had a slightly yellow/orange gill plate when they were younger but were for the most part a light color, although i believed that fish darkened up quite a bit in later years. This is now the 5th piranha i have seen with that same eye / facial structure.

Im going with Altispinnis.

This fish has no resemblence to S. Altuvei IMO.
very hard to say from some of these pictures, but I am leaning towards the Xingu rhom or a variant from the same region that is commonly called the "diamond" rhom.

I will post some pics of fish that I just got in as well, I received 5-10" fish, all appear to be realted to this one in many ways. Fishermen generally sell to any exporter that will buy when they return with a catch, so if just recently imported, makes me lean in that direction even more.

also looking at the ventrals, looks more closely to rhombeus than altispinis to me, still tough to look at the pics and have a really clear pic.
I would have to agree with you if it were not for the unique eye placement which seems to be showing up more often. The xingu rohms typical will not have that upward slant in their snout from any pictures that i have seen. If your new shipment is gonna look like this one, everyone should be really happy. These guys look awesome. Now if we could only figure out what they are.

In this case the pictures may not be telling the whole story as the glass may be distorting the length of the fish. Your right about the variation in the ventrals, but i have no doubt that this fish is identically to the one that matt(elongatus) has.
I agree, that is why I am thinking it is more toward the Diamond, they appear much the same as the pics as maturing, I will try to get the pics of others that I have at various sizes and post them to my site, maybe that will help.


in a few of the pics the highly reflective scales can be seen, in most of the smaller "diamonds" this is the case that they have not fully displayed this reflective feature until maturing a bit

to the owner: does this fish appear to be more reflective, and similar in that way to the Serrasalmus spilopleura CF?
Here is some pics to help us... this is Matts fish that I believe frank thought was altispinis
nice pic of a mature fish, notice the subdued humeral blotch even in the adult?

I think all that can be said at present is to wait for maybe a better pic of this guy with better lighting. Also, let me get to my facility and check the fish there to make another visual comparrison.
...and its really hard to tell when you are comparing a fat captive fish, with one that was just imported and relatively lean. This guys needs sometime, then we will see what he looks like. But the 1st fish i posted has since turned black for the record.
glad to have had this last little discussion with you BD, this is the fun and examination and learning experience I enjoy
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