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I went to a local reptile zoo this morning with a friend. It's called Little Ray's Reptile Zoo and it has some really amazing stuff. I'm always impressed when I go there and there's always a bunch of hands-on shows going on. Recently they opened a store front and they now offer quality captive bred animals to the herp community in my area - all in all a good place.

The big attraction and the reason we went was because they have two female bushmasters there. I believe the scientific name is Lachesis muta muta but I might be wrong on that one. (Please someone correct me if I am.) These snakes are the largest pit vipers in the world and the ones that they have at the zoo are the largest venomous snakes in captivity in Canada at the moment I believe.

They have an array of other interesting things there too - and I grabbed pics of a bunch of stuff. Just have to go through them and post the good ones which I'll hopefully have time to do tomorrow morning.

I bought my friend a western hognose today. And she is too cute. I really like her and if he can't come up with the money to pay me for her, I won't be all that sorry keeping her for myself. (I have her right now here at my hose.) Hognoses are really nice little snakes and I don't think I'd mind all too much trying my hand at breeding them one day.

I personally almost ended up with an ATB. I was SO close to buying it. Good price on it for my area... $225 for a captive bred one. I'm still thinking about it to be perfectly honest. I am sucha fan of arboreal snakes it's not even funny.

I also got to hold a 7 foot long Taiwan Beauty today with some of THE most gorgeous colours ever on it. She (?) was fantastic. But SO lively. Didn't stop for a second the entire time she was out. And it was funny because the only large snakes I'm used to holding are the boas and pythons that remain fairly still and are calm - where as this one was go go go the entire time she was out. Had to really pay attention to what I was doing and where she was going.

Also got to watch a couple of small (1.5 yrs old) rock pythons eating today. Part of the feeding demonstration show. It was funny because they weren't all too interested at first but once they got going they scarfed fown their food... This place has two adult rocks with incredible dispositions. Two summers ago I was there and the mother, the female, was out for a demonstration and was as docile as can be. I believe they have a rep for being quite nasty at times, don't they?

ANYWAY... I'm just rambling about random things now.

If I end up buying anything from this place it'll be either their incredibly handleable tokay geckos (cbb and hand raised), the ATB, a set of red spotted garter snakes (so NICE in colour) or maybe the slightly larger ijcp they have there - though I have a feeling it's probably a male as well.

I'll get pics up asap.
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