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Reds & Rhombeus

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Started with 5 x~1inch reds few months back , now they are 3 around 3inches in 90 gall
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Two of them are nibbled on , largest has no scratch but once ill have little time off ill get some more driftwood ..

Finally i got my long awaited Little Rhombeus !! Mean little bugger , not even inch and already attacking minnow he has in tank ( used to cycle tanks). He is in 20 gall long for few months , then 75 or 90 .As for minnow , it will be moved to my hydro system tomorrow ..
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Looks good, start training the Rhom on flakes/pellets... will make things easier in the future.
so far he is on blood worms ,shrimps.. once little bigger then pellets
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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