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Red Bellied Piranha turning a dark color

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He is definitely the runt of the group, always gets picked on and gets nipped. He is also the last to lose his dots but he isn't the smallest. Is his darker coloration normal?
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yes it is
it could be from stress and other condtions
Damn that sucks what should I do? Separate him.
I'm gunna get my girlfriends or my roomates girlfriends digital camera and get a pic for y'all to see if its that bad, the p just got a nasty bite on his tailfin that took off about half of it.
fredweezy said:
Damn that sucks what should I do? Separate him.
only if he is seriously stressed out
maybe re arrange the deco and see what happens
I have no deco, I took it all out. But it seems as if the little asshole starts the fights and the other three just put him in check by chasing them away and in the meantime nipping him, you'll be able to see better with a pic I think he's ok though.
I have a 75 for my reds and a 55 for my spilo.
it seem like he is just stressed out, and is trying to fit in and not get killed. P's tend to change colors depending on the mood they are in. I would keep a close eye on him and seperate him if needed.
cmsCheerFish said:
my mid seize p is always almost pure black.
my red bellies turn darker when the lights are turned on, i kinda like them that way, they look better!
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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