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i got a 50gal from a friend, filled it, three days later, it's spewing from a seam, soaking my floor, making me cry.

so, i scrape every last bit of silicone out of the tank, buy a tube from a LFS, and proceed to make a stinky mess. The tube was like toothpaste and i couldn't get a good seal.

so, i order a caulk gun type tube of seal from Big-Als, it's on the way here right now.

anyone ever done this? anyone? i'll take any tips. no seal means no fish.

i can't afford a 50gal tank. I need this to work.

please help

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I got a 60 Acylic tank and filled it. After it was filled it was leaking a lot. I got a bit mad since I got it used. I went to the local hardware store. I got me a 4" by 4" piece of acylic and some silicone seal. After wards I went home and emptyed the tank out. I found the crack, dam it was long but no0t longer then the 4" by 4". I added a lot on sealent over the crack and some on the piece of acylic. I covered the crack with the acylic part and held it down for about 10mins. After an hour I filled the tank and it been a week and no leaks.

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