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ok i have a RD/Midas (im not sure if its rd, midas, or a mix) but he is about 11" and i figure i should give him something other than shrimp... he was being fed just goldfish at the LFS but i got him off that! i do feed him some big cichlid sticks sometimes

just not sure what to feed this guy?

also when i bought him he had some nipped fins and strangely a hole on the top fin(not sure what its called) near the back and it now has healed... but is growing out as if it were another fin (dont know how to describe it really... no pic either) but it is growing OUT beyond just healing up and is developing almost as if it were a seperate fin (it is going back with a point kinda)

i know shitty description but best i can do -- dont have a camera

also the nipped fins grow back as a white color will they stay like this?

well thanks
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