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Rbp's getting darker...

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I put my reds in a bigger tank that has tons of plants and hiding places,so the light on them is not so bright like the tank they were in.They are getting darker...is this because they are matching to their environment.They still act the same,but look really awesome.
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I had no background and riverbottom looking gravel, well last night i put a black backround and made my lights blue. overnight my reds darkened and I have to say with the blue light they look pretty sweet.
yes rose city, I added well, ok i spray painted the bulb blue and it looks sweet. my p's didn't freak at all. it makes their sparkly scales turn bluish
it's cool lookin. also rose city what kind of p's do you have other than reds, if so where did you get them. I live in portland too and want other types such as caribe's.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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