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RBP's and snails

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Does anyone know if RBP's will live snails? When I got my tank, the guy that gave me the p also gave me some of the gravel from his tank. Now I have about thirty snails in my tank and they continue to breed happily with new snails appearing every few weeks. I was wondering if I don't feed for a few days if my p would start eating them. I am feeding once a day and don't want to starve him just to see if he will eat them. The snails are the small kind (i.e. pea size and smaller).
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Thanks you all. I'll try the clown loaches or rafael catfish, probably which ever is cheapest. I have an idea they will become feeders.
I'll try the apple first and then the other fish. If all else fails maybe the chemicals. I'll post back which method worked best. I counted last night and the count is up to 45, and those were the only ones I could see.
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My snails are the little pea-sized ones with tiny black spots. Going to put some cucumber in tonight and see what they do with that.
To update, I tried the cucumber. The snails liked it but I never got more than five or six at a time. And as with RhomZilla it seems to have made them even more horny as the little buggers are everywhere. I did notice my p seems to eat the very tiny baby snails, but only a few. The loach or catfish is my next bet. My p is only about 3.5 inches so I'll try to get the biggest snail eater I can find.
(green for St. Patrick's day!)
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