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RBP's and snails

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Does anyone know if RBP's will live snails? When I got my tank, the guy that gave me the p also gave me some of the gravel from his tank. Now I have about thirty snails in my tank and they continue to breed happily with new snails appearing every few weeks. I was wondering if I don't feed for a few days if my p would start eating them. I am feeding once a day and don't want to starve him just to see if he will eat them. The snails are the small kind (i.e. pea size and smaller).
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does anyone know what kind of snails they have. I have a stowaway that came in my plant from the store, and it's small bout 1/4" long and cone shaped. haven't seen any multiply yet. had it for 4-5 months.

Is there a "good" snail to get, and has anyone ever thought of clam's in thier tanks?
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