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Rbp aggressive

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So I have 2 rbp in a 90 gal aquarium. I've had them for quite some time ( around 7 or 8 months) and they're about 5 to 5 and a half inches in length. I got them as a pair when they were about 3 to 4 inches long. Never aggressive towards one another until just recently. They have been starting to try and nip each other and circling one another and am just wondering if they're displaying dominance or if it's a territorial thing. They have a lot of room to swim and I do also have a decent sized common pleco but he has a log and cave so he's usually not in the way. Would love some advice to keep the peace lol
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RBP do better in groups of 3 or more. I would consider adding a couple more of similar size to disperse any aggression.
I agree that there should always be 3 or more. It is possible they are starting to exhibit breeding behavior but you will not know unless they actually breed. I have had males show breeding behaviors with other males and females show breeding behaviors with other females.
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