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Purple Spilo & Company?

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I've asked about the gold spilo and you guys told me no, fine. Is there any other piranha I can put him with? Maybe another purple spilo? He's great in his 55 gallon and I'd like to see it with something else, maybe a cichlid?
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In a 55g one or two convicts would be able to live with him. Just make sure you put a few very good hiding spots in the tank for them to hid in and get away. I had a convict with my gold spilo for over year. Not saying they got along or anything but I had a upturned pot with a 2inch hole in it so if the spilo went after the con it would just hide in the pot and the spilo couldn't get in.
Also if you do plan on getting the convicts look for females. In my experience the females tend to be smarter and know when to run from a bad situation and hide. The males tend to stay and fight which never works out for them.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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