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Should I get a little spotted puffer for my tank with the 2 oscars and my angelfish? I have enough room.
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no, the puffers will not get on with oscars, and also often need brackish water.
oscars will eat puffers, and also you don't have enough room in a 20 gallon for the oscars, so you don't have enough space for the oscars and the puffer
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unxchange said:
If you want that puffer... first get rid of the oscars and angels.. the oscars or angels will not be okay for long in the 20 gallon tank.. but a green spotted puffer will be fine in your 20gallon puffer.. after getting rid of those cichlids, change the water settings to Brackish water and you will have yourself a nice 20 gallon brackish water puffer tank.
I 100% agree, if you want puffers, lose the cichlids and convert the 20 gallon to a brackish tank.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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