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Scientific name: Brachydanio rerio
Common name: Zebra Danio
Genus: Brachydanio
Order: Cypriniformes
Class: Actinopterygii
Family: Cyprinidae
Origin: India

Minimum Tank Size: 15 or more gallons, tank length will be more important then height.
Tank setup: What ever substrate you like, well planted is nice, some driftwood or large rocks are ok. Be sure to leave plenty of open swimming space as these fish are always on the move and love to swim.

Temperament: Peaceful, a good community fish, best kept in school of six or more
Compatibility: Best kept in species tanks but will do just fine with other peaceful community fish.

Water Type: Freshwater, 72*F to 80*F, pH 6.0 to 8.0, dH 5.0 to 19.0

Size: 2 to 2 ½ inches
Appearance: Light metallic shine with dark stripes running horizontal down the length of the body.

Sexual dimorphism: Females usually rounder and plump with thicker stripes
Breeding: Breeding is pretty easy. One way is to put a few (to insure you have a pair) in a 5 to 10 gal tank with large rock for the substrate so the eggs can fall down in between the rocks, so the parents don't eat the eggs or any fry. Leave them for about a week and then take them out. Once the fry have hatched you could feed then freshly hatch brine shrimp or some very finely crushed flake food.
Another way is to just leave the fish in their tank and gravel vacc the eggs out to a separate tank.

Feeding: Can give pretty much anything, frozen to small live, but will do well on blood worms, flakes, tubifex worms, plankton, small pieces of beef heart, and mixed vegetables.

Other info: Hardy fish often used to cycle new tanks, which makes them a great beginner fish with such a high tolerance to not so great water conditions, temporary of course.
Note they are in the same family as gold fish (Cyprinidae) and should not be often used as a feeder fish for predatory animals, (see the gold fish profile).

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feel free to add or suggest any corrections

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I believe these guys are now Danio rerio.
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