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JD7.62's fish^

Scientific name: Lepomis Megalotis
Common name: Longear Sunfish
Genus: Lepomis
Order: Perciformes
Class: Actinopterygii
Family: Centrarchidae

Origin: North America, as far north as the great lakes and south to Mexico. Wyoming to the Appalachian Mountains.

Minimum Tank Size: 30 U.S. gallons or more for one
Tank setup: Gravel substrate some driftwood for cover and dense planting. Heaters are not needed, they would appreciate a slight current in the tank.

Comparable to Oscars. Males can become very territorial if breeding.
Compatibility: Nothing too small or it will be eaten.

Water Type: Fresh, 72*F to 75*F, pH neutral. A good method would be to get the water you caught the fish from tested and try to match those conditions as close as possible in your tank.

Size: 6" inches
Sexual dimorphism: Males tend to be more colorful with a more pronounced "black ear"
Breeding: The male will build a nest by fanning the gravel to make a small circular indentation. The male will then lead the female to the nest and lay her eggs, then the male can fertilize. The male will then guard the eggs and the surrounding territory till the hatch and may even guard the area for a while after the fry is gone.
In the wild they often will breed in colonies and the female will move on to another nest to lay eggs leaving the male to do all the work. He is such a good parent that lots of time other fish will try to sneak in and lay their eggs with the sunfish's eggs and the father will raise them with out even knowing.
To get them breeding in your tank just set the temperature around 77*F, feed a nice high protein diet and provide enough space so the male doesn't have to keep chasing off the female, keeping the male in his own tank with no other tank mates would be ideal.

Feeding: Predominately surface feeding fish and in the wild their diet usually consists mainly of insects but, invertebrates and other smaller fish are also on the menu. In the home aquariums they will eat pretty much anything, worms, frozen foods, pellets, and store bought fish.

Other info:
This is a great North American native for beginners to start out with because they are a very hardy fish, easy to care for, very colorful, they can have a great personality, and are easy to get a hold of, but keep in mind some states netting maybe illegal.
Can be found in clear, shallower waters, it may move into deeper water at dusk and dawn to avoid predators.
Other color variations can be found in different parts of the river or other ponds and lakes but the long black ear will help identify them, long as cross breeding hasn't happened too much.

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damn everytime i see those it makes me wish i had more room so i could have one
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