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Scientific name: Caridina multidentata

Common name: Amano shrimp, Yamato shrimp, Japanese swamp shrimp

Synonyms: Caridina japonica

Genus: Caridina

Order: Eucardia

Class: Malacostraca

Family: Atyidae

Size:1- 2"

Origin: Japan, Taiwan & Korea

Minimum tank size: 10gal

Tank setup: Heavily planted

Temperament: Peaceful

Compatibility: Community tank with non-aggressive fish or species tank

Water type: Freshwater

Temperature:60-80° F

pH: 6.0-7.6

Sexual dimorphism: Males appear smaller then females, females also have a notably larger abdomen which is to carry eggs.

Breeding: Very difficult, only a couple hobbyists have successfully raised larvae to maturity. Reason being is larvae need brackish to full salt water initially and then salinity must be reduced in accordance to the growth of the larvae.

Feeding: Omnivores that will graze for algae and other organic waste. Supplement with algae tabs and pellets.

Additional Information:
Amano shrimp will hide and rarely be seen if they feel threatened by tank mates, if not they are very active and can be seen constantly picking away at the substrate and algae on plants. They do best in larger groups and they certainly live up to their reputation as the best dwarf shrimp for having a large appetite for many different types of algae. They don't do well in tanks with very soft water (0GH/KH) as like other crustaceans they need to extract vital minerals in order to renew their exoskeleton, so use caution if using RO water and be sure to replace all essential minerals. Medicating a tank containing dwarf shrimp isn't recommended due to many medications containing copper which is toxic to all dwarf shrimp.
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