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blue acaras:

Scientific Name: aequidens pulcher (Aequidens means "equal teeth", pulcher means "beautiful")
Common Name: Blue acara
Order: Perciformes
Suborder: Percoidei
Family: Cichlidae
Genera: Aequidens

origin: south america
water conditions: - ph: 7.0 to 7.5
- hardness: up to 25 dgh ( better between 5 and 11 )
-72ºF to 82ºF
aquario size: 120 liter for a couple.
provide hidding place if you can with drifwoods and a lot of stones. They love having their own cave.
They are sometimes diging like other cichilds ( more at breeding time ) but they will not really destroy your plants - they are not that big after all -.

size: up 8 inches ( 20 cm ), generally speaking less in home tank.

temperament: blue acaras are in my opinion a somewhat aggresive cichlid and they are quite territorial. But beware during breeding period and when protecting their fry, the parents will become very nasty fishes. They will not have problems to attack other fishes, sometimes twice as big as themselves ( mine took on my 8 in bichir and they are about 4 and 3,5 inches ...)
Beware of fishes that are smaller than them ( neon, guppyes and other .... ), they will only be considered as feeders by the acaras and they will quikly desapear.
They are generally speaking very attactive fish that will go everywhere in the tank.

feeding: blue acaras are not really difficult to feed, mine accept well cichlids pellets, krill and even flakes - though not all will -.
an other thing, i don't know if its a particular behavior of my fish, but they do not take care of brine shrimp.

breeding: blue acaras seems to be easy to breed. You will easily see ifyou have a couple, mine always stay together.
Mine lied eggs only one week after I got them. As it has been said before, they are amazing parents that will be very protective of their fry.

possible tankmates: bleu acaras can be hosted in a community tank with some other acaras or fishes the same size as tem ( like some gouramis )
you need to consider two parameters before taking tem into a community tank:
first, blue acaras are not that big, so beware of big cichlids that would happily swallo them
secondly, blue acaras will not have any problem to kill smaller fish than them, just for the pleasure of hunting
third, they can be quite territorial so abetter tank is better if you want to put them in with something

so, as possible tankmates, they can be kept with other cichlids that are not too aggressive like Firemouths and Convicts ( if the Acara is fairly bigger than the Convict ).

here are a few pictures of my breeding couple of acara, the name of the big one is Alien, the name of the small one is Predator

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