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HI... I have my 180 on order do to arrive at the store at the end of the month, im putting together all the stuff I will need. My question is I am planning on using three AC 500 power filters... They each put out 428 gph and 3 of them would equal 1284 gph. Figuring a 180 that is 7 turnovers a hour. Also a 180 really doesn't hold 180 gallons using the real inside diminsions so its probably closer to 8 turnovers. Im also gonna get 2 AC model 802 powerheads, im putting 15-20 1.5 inch red's in there to start and gonna weed out the weak ones. Is this to much of a powerhead for such small reds? And if you had some opinions on the power filters...Any better ones to go with?? Thanks! Jake
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