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Please Tell Me I Bought A Black Rhom

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can some one please help me and if they can tell me if this is a black rhom and what kind


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Serrasalimus Rhombeus

It might be black, it might be gold... all depends on background color, substrate, and diet
thank you i tried to take good pics but the color in each pic look different
Get rid of the goldfish, they are terrible and will lead to poor growth / parasites and other issues.
Ok thank you what will make him grow better
A varied diet (shrimp / fish fillets / etc) and a good pellet food, I use Hikari in the red bag.
Thank you im glad for this site
that is a really nice looking Rhom
That's a nice, clean Rhom. I agree, ditch the goldfish. There are better live foods available, but live foods aren't necessary for good growth and good overall health anyway.
Nice rhom !!

Keep his diet right way and ull have healthy monster ;-)

Shrimp , catfish /salmon/tilapia fillets soaked in vitachem , plus id highly advice to get him on pellets as well ..

ps.. cant wait for my rhom
Yeah those goldfish or no longer in there when I first got him I put them in there so he would just start to feel comfortable in the new tank and if he got hungry he could eat them
my red refused to eat goldfish lol ,, instead they killed one of their own ..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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