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outlook8 said:
i bought 3 2-3" super reds and put them in a 29 gallon...couple days later, one was eaten...now, for the past year or so i've had only 2 and they are around 6" and seem to be doing fine...only the occasionaly scuff/fin nip, but nothing major...

jiggy said:
my friend has raised 2 rbp since they were 1 inch until 8 inches.. n they were fine
rbp guy said:
If you ever start to think that if two piranhas are nice, three would be better, try telling yourself that two may be nice, but three could be disastrous. This is likely to be the truth of the matter with piranhas unless you are prepared to invest in a much larger tank.

In smaller tanks (anything smaller than a 55 gallon), it's a good idea to limit the population to just two. A buddy of mine has raised his two piranhas from 2" to 6" in a 29 gallon. I keep urging him to get something bigger, but he's happy with his setup and his piranhas seem to be healthy.
Stormland said:
I have had 2 reds in a tank for about 3 years now. I started out with 6 of the same size in the tank but the two that I have kind of took care of them in a pretty short amount of time, probably two weeks after I got them all. I had plenty of cover in the tank so it wasn't a bare tank by any means, and it was a large tank so space wasn't the issue. The two that are alone now get along great, sit next to each other in the tank, never chase each other and also let each other take turns eating or eat without fighting if feeding larger prey were they don't need to take turns. They are both not push overs by any means either. Not skittish when I feed them or walk into the room, they acually swim around the tank alot and seem to get very excited when it's feeding time. Not sure if this is normal behavior for Reds or not but that is how they seem to like it. For them, the saying "two is company, three is a crowd" seems to be the motto they live by.
TheSaint said:
I've got 2 reds (5'') and initially they were hangin in a 33 gallon but now there in a 100 gallon.

They do fight now and then but they are also inseperable and dont shy away from each other for very long. They really enjoy swimming around together although one is definately more dominant than the other. The dominant one is very dark and has a larger and brighter anal fin when compared to his pal. He also gets first go on the food!

Like I said fighting does occur but its not like a fight to the death! They both give as good as they get.

I wonder how many of the people who say ''dont keep 2 piranhas'' have actually tried it out

joefromcanada said:
i had two 5" terns together in a 29 gallon for bout 2 months, then they were inthe 55 gallon for another month and i didnt even have a fin nip. they were always hangin out and sh*t, always side by side., then as soon as i added 1 redbelly, they ate him. now ihave one a fair size bigger than there terns and he is doing good with him
351winsor said:
I have 2 reds and they are chill with each other.I tried adding 1 and they just ate it.I have had them for 4 months now and one is 4.5" and the other is 4".
Furgwa said:
I was un-aware about "the two rule" when i bought my first pair. I had mine in a about a 43 gallon (home-made tank) for over a year before i sold them, and as far as i know they are still doing well. However, i can relate exactly to what outlook8 says. They both did have their spots in the tank, but their were never really any fights. So if somebody asked me if two were okay, I'm not sure i would know what to tell them from my experiences.

Ya'll can check out my P's in the featured videos "Furgwa's boys with feeders"
Fossil32 said:
I too was told to make sure i got 3. Sadly one died in transit and since i didnt want to pay another $40 in shipping i settled with 2. I got them at dime size and theyver now grown to be about 5 inches in the last 7 months. Aside from a few fin nips etc, there has been no problem. they both hang out all day together, hunt together, sleep next to each other.... theyre best friends.

Maybe im lucky because theyve always had each other basically since they were born. Even though this is MY experience, i would still reccomend 3 to everybody. The whole thing is that one fish will eventually become the leader of the tank, and pick on the others. My tank has its leader, the one whos always the first to eat or lead the hunt. but he does pick on the other guy, and the other guy sometimes picks on him. If you have 3 then there will be 2 for the dominant to pick on, spreading out some aggression. Ps are just like people. The strong pick on the weak. maybe i just got 2 strong ones, but i would always reccomend at least 3 IMO.
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