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In my city, LFS's have red bellies, gold spilos, and rhoms. I haven't seen any other kind, and no bigger piranhas.

red belly
small $10-$15
medium size $15-$25

Gold Spilo
small $15-$25
medium size $25-$60

never saw a small one selling here
medium $40-$60

This is just what I have seen in the 5 or so LFS's that carry piranhas in my city, Im sure other cities are slightly different.

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The most expensive species are those that are only occasionally shipped to the USA and haven't been bred in captivity, like Piraya, Brandtii and Manueli, among others...
Check out www.sharkaquarium.com or www.fishpost.com to view the price lists.

Where I live (Holland), they only sell redbellies, ranging from 3-4 bucks for 1" fish to $12,50 for 5-6" specimen.
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