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Hello everyone!

I was wanting to know if you could ID this Polypterus species. I think it is Polypterus palmas polli. Am I correct????

Also here are some pics of my 55gal growout tank for my bichir, juruense "soon to be", and 2 wild Cichla monoculus "soon to be." I have sent my money to Jon Rare for the juruense, and the specimen should be arriving later this week or weekend sometime
.....I CANT WAIT........The wild Cichla monoculus I will be getting from a LFS who orders from Rapps
. Also just to let you know eventually all the species will be in a much larger tank, around 240-300gals. I may EVENTUALLY build them a pond.

So here is some pics of the growout tank that these 3 will be housed in temporarly..

What do you think???

I hope to have pics of the set-up including fish later on!!
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