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i have had my piraya now for @ 1 month and have noticed a few things compared to my reds.
1 the piraya eats 4 x what my reds do and they are 1'' + bigger ,the food also hardly's toughes the gravel exept feeders they both take them down equally
2 during the period the light is off the piraya will chase the reds away from its territory only coming out to shoal when the light is on i bit weird but this happens every day
3 they piraya never loses its colouring unlike the reds which changes when the light is on or off
any input
thanks dixon

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Mine had always lost it's flames at night.Then when i turned the lights on after an hour or so. It was colored up again. Both of my prayas had done this. And when the light was off they kicked ass. they were not skittish at this time. It freaked me out the first time they did this. They inspected me right up to my face and was all over the place. I thought the damb things were gonna jump out.
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