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Have had aquarium for a very long time but new to having Piranhas. I initially bought 3 about the size of a quarter. I have a 65 gallon tank with loads of hiding and all real plants. They were the only 3 they had. 2 weeks later I bought 2 more. They were about the same size. Well long story short. The 2 I bought last ate the other 3 even though I have around 20 feeder fish in there with them. The 2 that are remaining, one it missing his entire back fin even though he is the bigger of the 2 (only slightly). He seems to be doing quite well and still is aggressive and swims ok. Will is tail fin grow back if he survives?
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You'll always have fun nipping and aggressive play and sometimes disputes with reds. The point of being the caretaker is to really focus on minimizing this. 65 gallons may seem like sufficient room right now, but they'll quickly fill that in. The three things you'll want to focus on are lighting, water quality and diet. Dimmer lights will calm a piranhas nerves and ease stress. Water quality goes without saying. Diet should be less live food and more stable healthy dried, frozen or fresh aquatic foods. White fish, shellfish and the like make a wonderful meaty source for them. 'Feeders' are really a pretty poor source for anything.
As for the missing fins, they will regenerate unless the entire tail was taken off. In that case it will heal over and the piranha will live with a battle scar for its life.
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It will grow back. If you are able, get at least 1 more. 2 is a bad number for pirahna, eventually you'll be left with only 1. And ditto everything Mike said. One other thought, I would try for 5 in a 65, overcrowding can sometimes ease aggression, but it's a dice roll. Also lots and lots of maintenance and water changes if it works..
Good luck and enjoy!
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