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Piranha Problems

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I have a tank containing 3 piranha about 6 months old they are in a large tank with a large "Pleco" I feed them every couple of days they have been eating "Pinkeys" prawns worms scallops and fish "Cod" everything was going great then about a week ago they started to turn their noses up so to speak. The male who normally eats first goes for it then turns away and because he does not eat the other 2 wont eat. I have tried getting some live fish to see if that works, but our local store knows I keep them so I can't buy them there.

Does anyone have any ideas which might help. Many thanks Hindi
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Unless there is some other issue, they will eventually accept food. Could be water quality or temp that might make them stop eating.

I would maybe try something new, another type of white fish fillet, whole shrimp, pellets etc.
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