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I found this on here

"You're at the river for a joyful day
but you don't know
what price you'll pay
Something's in the water
But what do you do?
You don't bother
You jump in the river
and start to play
As it swims in shoals
closer to your way
Something dark, something grey
something looking for its prey
Something deadly, something fast
something you cannot get past
It bites your flesh
while you're still alive
and you struggle hard
to survive
But suddenly, all turns black
and you realize you
can never go back
Darkness washes over you
like a wave,
and death has carried
you to your grave "

2012 Is the year the World ENDS!!!&#33
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So sad
yet so true

Captain P
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Oh Captain P come swim with me
Be nice and don't bite my p
Fatass and Corporal Tweek surely hate thee
So come on and eat this molly

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elTwitcho said:
A more realistic poem would be

You go swim in a river with piranhas
But they leave you alone
Yet a candiru swims up your urethra
Blinding pain, in your bone
That was good!
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