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hastatus said:
is there a web site that shows the proper way to pronounce the different piranha names? like (spee-low) or (spy-low) you know what I mean?
Few web sites actually get the correct pronunciation right. I'll do a quick pron. guide for you on how the words are formed (not to be considered accurate by dictionary standards) on the more common names occuring here:

Pygocentrus ; pie go sen truss
Serrasalmus; sarah sal muss
Pristobrycon; Press toe bri kon
Pygopristis; pie go priest s
rhombeus; rhom bay us
spilopleura; spy low ploo rah

manueli; manh well eye (Spanish name)
geryi; cher ee eye (French name - Jacques Gery)
eigenmanni; eye gen man eye (English name - Carl Eigenmann)
brandtii; brant eye (German name; bront is more accurate)
irritans; ear eye tans
hastatus; hah stah tuss
hollandi; hall ind eye (Dutch name)
gibbus; geh buss

medinai; med in eye (Spanish name)
elongatus; e long gah tus
nattereri; nat err eye (German name - George Natterer)
piraya; pee ray ah
cariba; kah ree bah
altuvei; all too vee eye (Spanish name - Dr. Nestor Altuve)
marginatus; mar gen ah tuss
denticulata; den tee coo lah tah

If I have forgotten any please list the ones you want to know. Edited Spy low ploo rah, forgot the L. Will be listing the names of those people who's names were used to honor them as I have more time to add.
Man, we should start talking phonetics, lol
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