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I Have 4 Tanks Set Up At The Moment. A 200 Gallon That Has Been Going For Quite Some Time And Has A pH7.2 - 7.4 And The Nitrites Are 0PPM. But I Also Have A 75 Gallon Tank That I Just Set Up Like 1 Week Ago With Sand On The Bottom And 2 Whisper 30-60 Filters And That Tanks pH7.4 And The Nitrite Level Is 5.0PPM!!! I Think I'm Going To Kill My Wolffish, Should I Be Going To The Pet Store Instead Of Creating This Topic?

Both Of My Other 2 Tanks Are Fine Except For All Of My Tanks Are Between 7.2 And 7.4 pH Levels When Most Of My Fish Prefer 6.5-6.8 Like Piranhas What Should I Do?!?!

Don't worry about the PH, at least its stable and thats what matters most. As long as its not swinging your fish can adjust to it.

Adding salt can help with nitrite poisoning but please don't add that till somebody else chimes in. I have no experience or knowledge on wolffish and they may have a poor tolerance to salt.
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