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I have 5, inch long pirahnas, I am wondering how much to feed? I have 5 danios also inmy tank that I was forced in to buying at the LFS. I am wondering if they will just keep eating and over eat or is the problem with over feeding because of the extra that falls to the bottom and screws with nitrites and amonia? Thanks
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So should I take the starter fish out? If so I don't really have anywhere to put them.
I used starter fish cause the lfs forced me to buy some since it was my first tank. I used bio spira and put 6 danios in a 30 gallon tank. I got tired of them quickly and wanted to go get pirhanas like I origanlly wanted. Anyways I ended up taking all of the fish out and just kept piranhas. Now I am feeding them a small piece of shrimp or a guppie or two a day. Is that about right? thanks
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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