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Hey guys I just scolled throguh and took a glimpse at hundreds of sites that are on aquarank like us and I noticed that we are the only Piranha site besides ones that do fish in general.
This means that people who are going to be interested in P's are more likly to come here

... just thought I would share that info, I do not believe there is any other P only forums out there is there?
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piranha in general - hosted by ezboard!

but they also offer help and advice on other fish, despite the fact they are piranha orientated.but if you ever go their, you will discover it is dead, and the only forum anyone ever posts in is the piranha discussion.
Xenon said:
what site is that?
the one I got banned from


take a look and see how not to run a website
somehow it just let me on, I took a look at the posts, and they have had around 6 new posts since they banned me.
also Kenco has finally gotten rid of those damn pop-up ads, the main reason for my complaints to him over the last year I was at that site, so perhaps it is in response to my departure.

I also noticed that SMTT has been plastering that site with links to this site, saying for more info vist p-fury with great staff and a scientist.
I was told that it was for "crap childish posts"
on the site kenco has said that it was for my sarcasm and slamming the site,
Personally I don't really know, I had suggested for people to come here, but then again SMTT does that more than I ever did, it could be for me asking for a new mod, but again SMTT was doing that also, it could be for my constant plugging of that site, and encouraging new members to join, but again that seems doubtfull.
it could also be that I was the most active member and I was more popular than kenco, but I guess he is more mature than that, or it could be that he didn't like my comedy, but then not many do.

To be honest I think you have as much chance of guessing his reasons if you look at my most recent posts on there (to make it easyer they are still at the top)

oh, and feel free to join and promote this site
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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