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I guess they changed their mind about selling their stuff. It happens.

At least they answered your question. The last time I enquired about a fish the seller never even bothered to respond to my post! I found the fish being sold from a thread where someone was complaining that this seller wasn't answering when they wanted more information. The kick in the teeth is, I defended the seller to the person complaining they weren't getting a response, made an inquiry about the fish myself, and the seller never responded!!!

I didn't get upset. I just thought to myself, "Sucks for them They lost a sale."

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something like that happened to me. I told a seller I was interested in the thread, and he completely ignored all of my posts and kept talking to this other guy about trading his fish for some cichlid. All i wanted was one response, and he showed he was responding to others, so
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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