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Since our beloved Bambino will be leaving us for 2 years in a few days, I thought it'd be nice if we could all give him our respects, and wish him a good "vacation" in Africa.

You will be missed fireman!
Don't forget to write!!!

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KQ 2 days left.

Sup, funny how there is 13 views and no replies... oh well yup. i love you guys thanx KQ you are my only freind on this site.

all you other fagmos
jk. -i guess you could be cool...

well, see you in two years maybe some people will keep you posted on how im doing there.

-fino a piu successivamente.

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Nice of you to let me know of this now ... I was going off your sig, ah well ... You'll still be missed ... and don't forget, Chris is your friend, too!


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I think he was talking about starting some business there ... and its supposed to be his "vacation" ... oh, and extremely limited, to no internet access ... so he may not even be able to drop by here and there for long periods of time...

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and don't forget, Chris is your friend, too!
good poor old banned chris

- yup ill be in touch with a few peeps from this site. you know who you are*

Tinkerbelle, its ok... ill miss you too.

Peacock, thanks man. im always happy.

diceman69, -about 2 years, it should go by fast.

Atlanta Braves Baby!, i hope the yankees take the next series. -jk.

delta, your alright maing, your alright.

Drew, just remeber its DREWSKI.

Filo, a good freind

Ms_Nattereri, hey your never on any more.

Serygo, a good freind too.

NTcarbie, i miss you man.

ProdigalMarine, a good freind.

Jewelz, i like you man, but your crazy.

Xenon, respect given is respect in return.

crazyklown89, peace.

hellraiser7821/pfurynut, keep those shrubs looking clean.

KumbiaQueens, thank you, tell chris i said sup.

thoroughbred, trace the roots UG.

Death in #'s, later bro.

Genin, Super cool, keep breakin.

bobme, ... LOL. peace.

Buette, ein sehr guter freund.

Kain, your alright.

K fizzly, take it easy.

TheLastDon, a good freind.

BoomerSub, cool guy who informed me of pertinent info that was cool.

Bullsnake, the funniest guy ever!

lemmywinks, a freind.

94NDTA, my car is bigger than yours.
MR HARLEY, alright guy.

hyphen, it was cool quarreling with you when i first joined, i learned your alright.

mr.freez, keep holding down antarctica for all of us.

WilliamBradley, too bad you hated me to begin with. too bad.

Innes, you are a strange person.

BraveHeart007, keep the politics guessing.

anyone who i have forgotten i sincerely appologise. write who i was to youand that should settle it.

lots of people have been cool here on this site, despite being flamed for nonsense..
thanks for all the advice given and listened to. and the respect some of you have shown me and your respect deserves respect. thanks again.
(this is a cool place. thank you Mike.)

i have about 30 hours from this post untill i leave to cape verde.
i think i will drop in from time to time when i return to the US in 2 years.

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