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I have the AF test also and it is very hard to tell what level you are at! 60-160

With that test you have to make sure you follow the directions exactly when adding drops and shaking bottles etc........

if not the test will mess up and give you a false reading!

If you are doing everything correct maybe your test is bad and I would go pick up a new one!Anything Possible!

Back when I first had p's I was doing 15-20 % water changes and never new about nitrates and I was not changing enough water!
Well I learned on the forum about checking them and did and they were 160+++ppm

Well it took me many numerous water changes to get them down to below 20ppm. Then once you get in a schedule of changing enough water you will never have the problem again.
I keep my 20-30 or less below 40 is fine!
Hope this helps
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