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Hey all...

I've owned cichlids before (over five years ago), and had a few Oscars for a while, and of course kept some Convicts before that. The last five years I've been mainly a P owner, but today I bought two BEAUTIFUL
Nics. The male is about five inches, and the female around three inches, and when I saw them courting in the corner of a tank at my local Big Al, I had to have them

One of the most amazing things I've ever seen in this hobby was when my Convicts paired up and began the courting and breeding process. I'm almost 100 percent certain that my Nics have paired up together, and for 36$ canadian (for both of them), I really couldn't resist.

So my questions are... (as I've kept SA and CA cichlids before, I'm rather confident that I know the basics...)

1. I've read that these are a relatively 'docile' cichlid, and 'some' community fish can be kept with them (they are currently in a 75 gallon with TONNES of room) If so, what community fish would be suggested ? and will have any extra fish affect the possibility of mating ??? Actually thats more like two questions... whoops

2. Is a maximum length of 10 inches for the male, and 8 inches for the female, truly a realistic number ? Does anyone have longterm hobbyist experience with these fish, and their maximum captive length ?

3. I've only twice before seen these for sale at my local IFS, are they a very common cichlid in the hobby, or are they somewhat rare ? Was 36 dollars canadian for two of them a relatively good deal ?

4. Does anyone have any experience with general temperment and character traits of these fish ? I loved how interactive my Oscars and Convicts were with me, and I'm hoping with maturity that these fish develop a bold and confident demeanour also.

Thanks for whatever help anyone can provide. I've spent the last two days doing some online research, and the only info I've come up with *over and over again... is water parameters and diet requirements (big mystery that most cichlids share the same water and diet
) ... Thanks everyone.

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