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Hi all,
I am fairly new to fish keeping, previously only ever keeping them in the freezer, but last year I was left in charge of an angel fish that was "dumped" outside when my lovely neighbours decided to evade the bailiffs..... anyway after cleaning the tank and sourcing some fresh real plants I succeeded in keeping a great specimen of an angel fish, shortly afterwards I was contacted by a friend who was going back to Poland, and would I like his Piranha ?? WTF says I ! how do I look after this savage, vicious fish beast ? I had visions of it eating whole cows on a weekly basis
anyway I was duly reassured by Axcel who showed me what I needed to know and how to care for said Red belly called Alice
yep she was and still is called Alice which does make me chuckle when I introduce her to friends and relatives.... don't worry I don't feed them to her :D although.... no I won't do that, anyway a close call over Christmas saw the angel depart and Alice lying on the bottom of the tank which was now at a "freezing" 10 degrees
despair and despondency made me just sit watching the (what I thought) dead Alice, but she is stroner than my other fish as I saw what can only be described as a flicker of an eye ! copious boiling kettles later and the water started to rise in temperature the closer it got to her normal temp the more fins started to wriggle, she then started swimming upside down, so I gently helped her up the right way and tough wood she has been ok since then... a buddy has set up a tell tale that alerts my iphone so I sleep / work etc better now, still feel sad for angel.. and then as the saga unfolds I find myself with a free donation of a much larger tank full of cichlids and plecos 1 of which was 18" in length ... 7 convict cichlids rapidly turned into about 20,000 of the little bu***rs so this is the point at which I find that having Alice in front of the TV when I'm watching is possibly not such a good idea as watching the film "finding Nemo" has clearly taught her that "fish are friends" as the 15off 20 to 30mm cichlids are just getting bigger and not being gobbled up as I expected..... any way I came here to say hi to everyone and happy fishing ! oh hold on this isn't POF is it ? :D

Hi everyone
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