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I used to have Paroon sharks (2 off each about 1 foot in length) and they have dies recently. I would like a change and try Piranhas.

I have a spare tank which is 4 x 1 x 1 foot which will be used for now until I get a bigger one, but how many small (1 -2 inch) piranha can I comfortably keep in this tank for now?

What do they eat, my sharks used to eat prawns or cockles or something similar and the odd live goldfish or something.

What temp should the tank be? and do I need to put any chemicals in the water like Stress Coat, Stress Zyme and Aquarium Salt.

Before anyone suggests putting the Piranha in the old shark tank, the shark tank was an indoor pond, 8 x 4 x 3 foot and was looked down on, I want to take all this out and buy a proper tank for the piranha.

Any help or websites or anything with these questions are appreciated.



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to P-Fury

Its good to have more Britts here - unless your from Sunderland

how to set up a piranha tank - if you have any more questions about this PM me.

you can add loads of 1-2" piranhas in a 4 foot tank as long as you upgrade as they get bigger, which the do fast!!!
within a year they could be about 6", but after that they slow down a bit.

What do they eat, my sharks used to eat the odd live goldfish
It is illegal to feed live fish to your pets in the UK

feeding your piranha

as for chemicals - some use salt, I have 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons, you also need to set the pH, and de-chlorinate, but you could just leave the water for a couple of weeks for that, or add some chemicals.

Temp = 76-83, but 79 is ideal

Any help or websites or anything with these questions are appreciated.
you mean apart from this help given here, and P-Fury as a place for all piranha help.............um, well you could also look at Aquatiq Terrors or P-Fish or OPEFE - all the science and facts or Supernates piranha site

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