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Newbie P help

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hi guys, just wanted to start off by saying this is my first post and ive been reading this board for a few days and im totally addicted. I didnt even know places like this existed. So anyway, I've been looking forward to getting some p's now and i just have a few questions. My LFS has some tank raised RBP's that are about .5 for 9 dollars a piece. I was thinking about picking up 5 of these to put in 55 gallon tank. I was just wondering what kind of precautions i should have before buying these guys. I was looking through the FAQ's and i found them very helpful but i still have a few questions. What about adding things to the tank or vacuuming the gravel? Will the fish attack me, should i mve them to another tank before? Well if you guys could just give me some pointers or other precautions, it would be great. Thank you so much
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First off welcome to the board. Secondly make sure thats the cheapest you can get them, because ive seen better deals. You leave the p's in the tank while cleaning it.
yea leave them in the tank when cleaning if there that small they most likely wont attack you and if 1 so happens to bite you there really small it wont feel much worse than a needle poke

and yea try to find a better deal cuz around here the most exspencive 1s ive seen are 6.99

when there that small be prepared to lose some cue they will eat each other or just die thats what happend when there small feed them 2-3 times a day but only what they can eat in like 5 -10 min. that will help with killing each other

hope i been a help any more ?? feel free to pm me or post

wow! that is exactly how i started mine off. Only mine were the same size for 5 bucks a piece. I got them in like feb. and I just moved all 5 of them into a 75g today. They are now between 3 and 5 inches. I didn't have any problems with mine other than the occasional fin nip. I started with frozen blood worm, then guppies, then rosies, and now goldfish. Also I would provide plenty of cover when they are that small, but start removing it to give them more swim space as they grow. Mine go to the other side of the tank when I clean. Welcome!!!!
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Welcome to the board...I believe 5 would be too much for the 55 as the dimensions are a bit cramped for that many. I would recommend something around the range of 75 to 80 gallons and you could swing 5 or so in there. And as far as prices go...it really depends on your location in the U.S. or wherever. The availability of red bellies or any other piranha can be more scarce in one place than another...especially if no one in that area is able to breed locally. If you can find it cheaper than all the better but don't let price be the deterant...if you want the fish and are really willing to put the time into them...the money really isn't an issue IMO.
the thing is, i havent seen any other piranhas, so i dont have much of a selection. I might just buy some from pedro. thanks again guys
sorry rosecityrhom but 5 .5in reds is fine in a 55gal he will have to upgrade when they get bigger of course but they are very small so that would be fine
My precaution is he'll need a larger tank not that they won't be ok at that size. He said nothing about upgrading later on which would be a must so I told him 5 piranha is too crowded for the tank...meaning for life. Sorry for not putting that in there...and I'm not stupid...I understand 5 at .5 inches versus 5 at 10 inches plus. Don't come back at me attacking my statement which is valid...are you going to recommend to someone to get 5 piranha's only to have them spend more money down the road on a bigger tank or tell them ahead of time....I recommend telling them ahead of time. I would be pissed if I knew nothing about this hobby and was told 5 would be fine only to see later on it is not and have to shell out more money or get rid of a couple piranha I had grown attached to.
hey look im not coming attacking your statements and didnt say you were stupid all i was saying is that you made him think he couldnt have 5 period and of course hell have to upgrade he said that he was reading the boared for a few days and im sure by now after reading peoples posts that he cant have 5 in there for life

look im sorry if i made you look stupid or if i pissed you off im not here to start an argurement im here to help with peoples ?? so lets just drop it and once again im sorry if i pissed you off i didnt mean too

BTW sorry to get off the subject
guys guys guys, its all good. i'll upgrade when they get bigger
Thanks for the help though
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Other than all the good advice that you've already received.. WELCOME ABOARD!!!!
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