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Hi guys and gals, I'm new to online aquarium anything really!
I just got a computer once again so I'l be here for a while (till the bill comes!)
I've had aquariums all my life since. far back as I can remember its always been the focal point to me in my home since I was a toddler lol
anyways I have a 35gallon high set up with white sand and driftwood. this was meant to be more of a tropical tank until my 38gallon long found a proper stand,filter and hood. but right now its housing 5 nattereri lil guys (biggest ones bout the size of a silver dollar coin) along with some guppies that were there before them and a few ghost shrimp (3-4) I put in for kicks. sadly the other day my girlfriend "surprised" me by bringing home 2 beautifull I.D sharks sadly she did not know what the problem was. I put them in and we went out...come home to find the sordid remains of what looked like a...catfish? lol the other one survived for now though his fins tell the tale of his destiny. I got a stand the otherday for my 38gallon and now I need to design a hood (theyre soo expensive!!) I want to use multiple full length flourescents. I look at my other tank when the sunlight hits the sand and I feel like I'm watching them on a whole nother level. the 35 has a crap hagen 30gallon filter on it and I want to buy a magnum for the 38 but theyre expensive too. hey no one said it was cheap
I cant wait till my pygo's have theyre tank set up. btw I bought that tank for $17
and resiliconed it myself, cant wait to see if it holds up lol
anyways nice to meet everybody, looks like a real quality board

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Glad to see you made it on the board. And it sounds like your rbp collection is up and running. Post some pics of your setup in the photo gallery!
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