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My friend is selling me his rbp and 25g tank because he can't take care of it anymore. the p seems to be ok, but the living conditions he is in are terrible at the moment, almost all the water is drained from the tank, leaving him just enough room to swim around, and he doesn't get fed regularly. i've gone through many of the posts here and know of some things to do to help him survive, but is there anything that i can to to make it even better?

Captain Britannia
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well if your buying it from somebody then you will have to empty the tank to relocate it so.
empty the water it has into bucket and keep the water you can this way when you relocate and have some where to transport the p.
you will still have some water to add to the tank when you add the p back into it and top up using dechlorinator in the new water.
add plants with bogwood or rocks to create a decent enviroment for the p to live in .
depending on size feed the p daily if sml upto 5'' or i feed everyother day above that size.
do weekly water changes @ 25% and p's need good filtration due to nature of the way they eat very messy.
keep temp @ 78-82 as advised.
keep reading and posting here and you will be ok

also welcome to p-fury

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