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I've been looking into creating a piranha tank for a while, I bought a Jewel 260 for that reason but I've since decided it wouldn't look right so i'm going to turn it in to a marine tank instead.

I'm now looking at buying a standard shaped tank around 4-5ft, the deco will simply be bogwood and plants. I've read loads of articles but the all seem to contradict each other when it comes to filtration. I currently have a Rena XP3 on the Jewel tank but im finding myself cleaning the gravel all the time.
Is there anything I can use or setup to reduce this in my piranha tank because with them being very shy I don't really want to be always disturbing them every 2 mins and having the destroy the plants.

Ive seen loads of P tanks which are heavily planted and look amazing, I can't believe they are always cleaning the gravel.

Any ideas at all would be helpful.

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