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New rhom soon.

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I bought 2 small plecos stupidly without thinking. I was wondering if theres any way i can house them with a 4-6 inch rhom.
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ya, you can house them with a Rhom.. AS A SNACK!!! Those plecos will not have a chance. They might live a day or so.. but eventually they will be eaten!
I hope the petstore will be nice, and take them back.
haah petsmart nice with that, but it has to be within the first 14 days and there has to be soemthing left to bring back, they dont even ask for a water change
They might be fine for awhile. Anything housed with a P can become dinner one day.
Some people have had success for years with them. Others have them munched in a short time. Its your luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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