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New Red Video

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I will have a new video of my reds taking on a large feeder. This time its a barb thats much larger than they are and its taking some time so far and will more than likely be split up into sections which I hope I will be able to host on my site together.
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Sorry to say it was unsuccessful. They chased him around and bit away at his tail and few chunks of meat but never really finished the job. They killed him but not in the fashion that would make a good video. Maybe I'll try a big guy like this when they're bigger as well. Until then they failed me.
This was a sizable fish though...I'll give em that much. He was at least 3 or more inches larger in length alone...unsure how more girthy he was but he was large. They should finish off the carcass soon but nothing that would be worth posting a video of.
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