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Hey all,
time for some new pictures

The first couple are of my Natts and their tank. The fish are between 7,5 and 9" in size, and are fed on average twice per week (shrimp, fish fillet, mussels, algae and spirulina pellets).
They reside in a 52x20x20" (80 gallons) tank, with about 600 gph of filtration and a 325 gph powerhead.

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Tank shot

And to top things off a couple of pictures of Manny the Manueli, about 6" in size. He is fed a couple of shrimps 2-3 times per week, and has a steady supply of feeder tetra's in his tank (shrimp is the only non-live food he accepts).
He lives in a 40x16x20" 50g tank (with approx. 500 gph of filtration)

View attachment 46595

View attachment 46596

View attachment 46597
Top view

View attachment 46598
Tank shot

I hope you all like 'em

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wow your tanks are soooo nice!

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Great looking red bellies and your manny is still one of my favorite rhoms on pfury
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