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Heya people,

here some new pics to start the new year.
I'm still working on figuring out the settings on my new camera, which means the quality is no more than so-so, the colors vary wildly and some are a bit blurry due to the longer exposure time (captures the colors better), but all in all I thought they were pretty neat. So enjoy

For starters some pictures of my Manueli, his crip and some of his tank mates:
View attachment 42925

View attachment 42926

View attachment 42927

View attachment 42928

View attachment 42929

And a few of my Reds:
View attachment 42930

View attachment 42931

View attachment 42932

View attachment 42933

Hope y'all like 'em

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Some amazing pics there Judazzz

that manny is awesome :nod:

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jahnke31 said:
awesome manny!! i am still thinking of getting one... should i???
Ummm... yes!
If you want one, go for it! Even if it turns out to be a softie, you still own the most beautiful species of piranha.

Manny has grown quite a bit indeed (some 2 inches since I got him, 18 months ago), and he's even starting to grow a bit of a pot belly

Thanks for all your nice words, ladies and gents
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