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new keyboard

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wtf i wish my keyboard would work. im at my moms now. if anyone has any ideas on why let me know. the keyboard has power but the keys wont type. my old one was in the ps2 port/ my new one is in the usb port so its not the connection. i cant respond but i can read the thread so let me know.
thanks wes
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my helpfull ideas:
*plug it in (to the computer)
*plug the computer in
*turn on the computer
*press the keys
*make sure it is compatable with your computer
*don't try to use it underwater
*open your eyes
*make sure that it is a REAL keyboard

hope that helps
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Judazzz said:
Damn you, wizzkid

Never knew you were such a dork, Innes....
I know everything about computers, I do.

If ever you have a problem, come to me
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USMC*sPiKeY* said:
...anyway you can tinkle with her harddrive?
I sure could
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